What is horizontal loyalty?

Someone asked about this… and, quite honestly, it’s my mantra I preach. I created this site to explain. Please feel free to share!


"The idea of sharing our software or giving it away for free disappeared with Kevin Flynn."

— Edward Dillinger, from TRON : Legacy. // #FlynnLives

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"Listen, I wish I could tell you it gets better, but, it doesn’t get better… you get better. … But you do it. And you do it because… because we love it more than anything else. That’s why you’re doing it. … But what we do is not a job. … What we do is a calling."

— Joan Rivers (on the amazing television show Louie).

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"There are some people who shoot arrows, then draw bullseye targets around them."

— Paraphrasing Dan Carlin, of Hardcore History.

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"I’m a storyteller… just want to hear people’s stories. Just want to hear what they have to say.” // I call that journalism. /// UPDATE: Well, I would call that journalism, but in this case…"

— Mike Daisey via This American Life’s episode Mr. Daisey and the Apple factory

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"Making Today the Yesterday of Tomorrow"

— The tagline from Nerdist Industries 

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"The limited vision of the news gurus"

FON thinkers, who emerged only in the last few years, represent a new kind of public intellectual: journalism academics known for neither their journalism nor their scholarship. 

It may be okay for academics to sell this thesis, but shame on journalism executives for buying it.

Dean Starkman via CJR

"(A lot companies) hire people to tell them what to do. We (Apple) hired people to tell us what to do."

— Steve Jobs
1996 interview on NPR’s Fresh Air


Words to live by… 

Source: Unaired 1997 Apple Think Different Commercial Narrated by Steve Jobs via Laughing Squid http://bit.ly/nT5DcT


Sometimes, in journalism, we’re going to need a pep talk… when we are trying, but failing… when we are starting to doubt ourselves and our abilities. Play this and believe in yourself. THUMBS UP EVERYBODY, FOR ROCK AND ROLL!

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